Melissa Avendano

Photoshot: AJ Photography & Lianabel Rosario

Make Up & Hair: Mr. Jose Bethancourt & Lianabel Rosario

Sponsor by:   Gloria Cleaning Services

Lianabel International is a finishing and talent academy which promotes integrity, professionalism, elegance and the promise of growth in your personal development and artistic industry. We strive to educate individuals and groups in a family oriented and professional environment. Our goal is bring education to the community.

Being a participant at Lianabel International, especially for our younger generation is an important step to foster awareness with the dedication and effort required to develop and enhance a successful career. Steps to take, when and where to take them can be unclear and often overwhelming. Lianabel International will help to overcome that uncertainty and to be prepared. We know how to handle the many challenges and rewards of the industry. We do this by combining exclusive access to opportunities, using in-house tools and a developing database of information and knowledge.

Education with Elegance....

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